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What is a beta reader? Beta readers are people who volunteer to read books by authors prior to publication or the release date. They do not have to be academias and are not required to edit to replace an editor. Instead they offer their time to read and give the author constructive criticism and share their opinions. You can suggest changes where possible, but check in with the author first.

Aim: We are looking for a fresh set of eyes with an analytical approach. The aim is to help the writer improve, general style and realise their vision for their book, before releasing it to the general public.

How long will it take?
Overall we require feedback within two weeks, however, you can notify the author to let them know before hand and they may offer an extension.

 However, we require your honest feedback, therefore don't feel rushed to complete the book sooner. We truly appreciate your time and your feedback will be valued.

Do I get paid? 

If you complete the book and make editorial suggestions to our satisfaction, in less than two weeks, you will be offered a £10 voucher. We only offer vouchers in British Sterling Pounds.

Note: The start of the two weeks of reading is referring to the date the e-book and questionnaire is sent to you. If you wish to choose a different week make sure to state this in your email.
Will I have to give my personal details to have the book delivered to me?

No, we mainly require a valid email so we can send you an e-book (in PDF format) via your email you provide to us.

What happens next?
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